Congratulations LADIES for making it this far on the Unstoppable Journey! By now you: 

  • Have completed level 1 & 2 - Get Unstuck & Become Unstoppable 

  • Have completed level 3 - The Business Development Mastermind

  • Are ready to be placed in a new venture group with 3 other women to prepare for your day on the stage!

We will host regional conferences throughout the year giving women in the program the opportunity to be highlighted and supported. 

Women will be placed in groups of 4 and will given the assignment to develop a new product, service, program or idea based on the unique gifts and new found Unstoppable lifestyles. I will coach each of you to be prepared for conference where your team will be featured on the main stage.


We will use our "Launch It Big" exceptional launch strategy from our Pursuing Purpose Passionately Business Start-Up program. Together we will develop the conference to included corporate supporters, economic buyers, media outlets, your target audience as well as family and friends.