Curtis is co-founder of Gibson Consulting and Entertainment Group (GCEG) a premier provider of

transformational speaking, coaching and music production. Curtis is also the co-founder for the Pursuing

Purpose Passionately U. (P3U) brand of GCEG. He teaches clients with business ideas, books and

hobbies how to turn them into extra income and small businesses within in 9 months or less with the

express courses. He is passionate about transforming the lives of college students and young adults.

He is the producer of the 2 minute motivator radio inspirational show. Additionally he excel as the

companies lead producer, song writer and mixing engineer. He co-leads the company’s Zone 8

Productions team in music and television awards shows. Some of the featured shows include the Stellar

Awards, The Trumpet Awards, Dove Awards, Country Music Awards, Steve Harvey Neighborhood

Awards, and BET Awards.