Curtis Gibson

Curtis is co-founder of Gibson Consulting and Entertainment Group (GCEG) a premier provider of transformational speaking, coaching and music production. Curtis is also the co-founder for the Pursuing Purpose Passionately U. (P3U) brand of GCEG.  He teaches clients with business ideas, books and hobbies how to turn them into extra income and small businesses within in 9 months or less with the express courses. He is passionate about transforming the lives of college students and young adults.  He is the producer of the 2 minute motivator radio inspirational show. Additionally he excel as the companies lead producer, song writer and mixing engineer. He co-leads the company’s Zone 8 Productions team in music and television awards shows.  Some of the featured shows include the Stellar Awards,  The Trumpet Awards, Dove Awards, Country Music Awards, Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards, and BET Awards. 

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Meichelle Gibson


Meichelle is a personal development, branding and business start-up success coach, speaker, trainer and Co-Founder of Gibson Consulting & Entertainment Group, Inc. (GCEG).  She offers a menu of services and strategies to help clients discover their purpose, passion and how to live their bold vision. With more than 20 years experience and training in motivational and inspirational speaking, Mrs. Gibson has successfully assisted individuals and groups to be empowered to crush their goals.  Through the Pursuing Purpose Passionately U (P3U) brand of (GCEG), Meichelle offers a series of innovative social media, personal and on-line solutions to meet the needs of the international client base affectionately dubbed the P3U Nation.


She has been the featured speaker for many high schools, colleges, and universities From, Vanderbilt University, and Villanova University, University of San Francisco, to John Hopkins University and Winston Salem State University. Some of her corporate clients include, Monster Government Solutions, Rachel’s Challenge, Nissan, Wal-Mart, United Way, The Urban League, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and The Chamber of Commerce. 


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